Individual Discipleship & Counseling

Exchanged Life Ministries offers one-on-one counseling to adults. Our mission is to see believers set free from besetting sins, anxiety, depression, and anything else that is hindering their relationships and keeping them from experiencing the fullness of God's love and provision through Jesus Christ. People come to Exchanged Life Ministries for personal and spiritual help in resolving behavioral, emotional, and marital problems. We provide a safe, accepting, and caring environment where an individual or couple can explore his/her particular needs. In this time of discipleship, the Holy Spirit, not any individual, is the agent of change. With guidance and assistance from a trained staff person, individuals can discover freedom through a Christ-centered answer.  
Exchanged Life Ministries staff members are trained through the Association of Exchanged Life Ministries. They are not psychologists or professional licensed therapists. The Exchanged Life approach is to share Christ-centered answers with hurting people. Although life experiences and circumstances may differ from person to person, God's Truth remains the same for everyone.